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Designing A Web Site!

Designing a web site for someone is a team effort between the designer and the client. Watier Design will guide you through a question and answer session to find out what your needs are for your web site.

Where do you start?

Gather up business cards, letterhead, brochures, forms, favorite web sites, sketched ideas, photos, and things you want to include on your web site. Also, give us a few ideas on web site addresses (for example - yourbusinessname.com, yourname.com), so we can see if the web site address you want is available.

How long does it take to have your web site up and running?

Normally, it take 2-4 weeks from the time you decide to have your web site built with Watier Design and for your web site to be published live. This allows time for you to gather photos, text, product descriptions, forms, and other business related items that Watier Design cannot create alone. You will also need to review your site during the designing process and provide feedback. We want to make certain you get the web site you desire.

It also takes time for your new web site to be located by the many search engine and web crawlers out there looking for web sites. It can take a few days to 6 weeks or so for your web site to know by the many search engines available. This means is you search for your web site using a search engine it may take a few weeks for the search engines to be able to locate your site by a general search. However, when your site goes live and while you wait for the search engines to know your web site is out there, you will be able to see your web site easily by typing your web site address ( for example - www.watierdesign.com ) in the browser address bar.

What is expected of you to complete your site?

Once you agreed upon a timeframe and the size and functionality of your web site, you will need to work with us through email, face to face meetings, or regular mail, to get the information to us that we will need to complete your web site.

Favorite Web Design Tips!

#1 Update your web site from time to time, search engines like sites that are designed well and regularly maintained.

Watier Design has a variety of hosting and maintenance pacgages available for you to chose from. We'll work with you to find the package that works for you and your business!

#2 Know your target audience and build your web site towards that audience.

Not everyone has the same technology available to them for their internet access. Keep the technology available to your clients in mind when designing your site.

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